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Ceiling Hatches

Sellwood Ceiling Hatches provide an entry point into your attic space for maintenance or storage. 

The Sellwood CH1300600 Ceiling Hatch is an excellent way to future proof your home for a Sellwood attic ladder. The huge 1300mm x 600mm opening makes access easier, but it also means you can swap it for a Sellwood P30 Attic Ladder without having to reframe the ceiling for installation.
Key features:

Future Proof 
The 1300mm x 600mm opening of the CH1300600 is designed to be easily replaced with a P30 attic ladder. 

Easy to use
Lid swings up for greater control and can be removed for easy access. No latches required.

Easy to install
Built in architrave trim and screw in brackets for faster installation.

Sellwood Ceiling Hatches