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Solarglow LED Skylight

Solarglow LED skylights are the perfect way to light up your home with beautiful, clean LED light. A PV solar panel installed on the roof connected to an LED light panel in the ceiling provides excellent, free lighting. 

Key features of Solarglow LED Skylights:

Energy Savvy

Solarglow uses FREE ENERGY from the sun with no mains power required, saving you money. Like traditional skylights, Solarglow light varies based on the sunlight reaching it. It gets brighter as the sun rises and dims as the sun goes down.


Solarglow LED Skylights are particularly useful for ground floor areas in multi-level homes and buildings where traditional skylights struggle to reach. They are particularly effective for lighting up smaller areas of the home such as hallways, entrance ways, stair landings, bathrooms, toilets and internal kitchens.

Easy to Install

Solarglow are simple to install with only a small or no roof penetration required.