CH1300600 Ceiling Hatch

1300mm x 600mm

Now: $149

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At Sellwood we believe that every home that can have an attic ladder should have an attic ladder. But we also know that budgets can get squeezed. 

So, we are excited to launch the Sellwood CH1300600 Ceiling Hatch.
Opening size – 1300mm x 600mm.

Key features include:

Future proof opening
Future proofed 1300 x 600 opening for an easy installation of a Sellwood P30 Attic Ladder at a later stage. No reframing required.

Easy to use
The unique soft touch latches make the lid user friendly with just an effortless press of the lid, releasing the lid to swing down unobstructed.

Easy to install
Built in architrave trim and screw in brackets for faster installation

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