Please see below for some of the questions we are frequently asked. If you have any other questions, please contact the team at Sellwood.

Can I store things in my attic?

Most ceilings are suitable for light storage only. It is important to spread suitable flooring over the ceiling joists or trusses to take the load. If you are planning a new home, ask your architect, designer or builder about using storage trusses which are specially engineered to allow for extra weight. Keep in mind, you do not need to be able to stand up or walk in your attic to store things up there.

Storage Trusses:

Will attic storage crack my ceiling?

For a new home, standard roof trusses are suitable for light storage only. If you are planning a new home, ask your architect, designer or builder about using storage trusses which are specially engineered to allow for extra weight, and have most of the truss webbing (criss-cross timber) squared away. 

Storage Trusses:

Do I need to apply for a building permit to install an attic ladder?

No. An attic ladder only replaces the old manhole and freestanding ladder. The structure of the house is not affected if the ladder is installed in accordance with manufacturer͛s installation instructions.

Can I use my existing manhole?

Yes, but unless your existing manhole has been trimmed to the right size, which is unusual, it will need to be altered to make it the right size. Alternatively, a new hole will need to be made, which is the right size. Please refer to our specification table for opening sizes.

My existing manhole is in a cupboard and hard to get to. What do I do?

This will probably not be the best place to install the attic ladder. You will need to look for a new space to make a hole in the ceiling, for example in a hallway.

Are these attic ladders warranted?

Yes. Sellwood residential attic ladders are warranted for 10 - 15 years from date of purchase for residential use depending on the model you choose. Sellwood aluminium attic ladders are warranted for 5 years from date of purchase for commercial use. Foldaway attic ladders are guaranteed for 5 years from date of purchase for residential use.

Attic Ladder Warranty

How do I get a free 5 year extended warranty?

Register your details for a FREE 5 Year Extended Warranty.

Warranty Registration

Can my attic ladder be made with a shorter opening?

The Sellwood Q24 attic ladder has a required opening length of 835mm. They can usually fit between trusses positioned at 900mm centres. The openings on Premier, Regular and Deluxe ladders cannot be made shorter.

Can my ladder lid have a lock?

Yes. Ask our Technical Representative for details.

Can my ladder be fitted without using architrave?

Yes. It is not so easy to do this when fitting into an existing ceiling but is not difficult if the ladder is installed before the plaster board is fitted on a new home. Refer to our installation instructions.

Can I fit a hot water cylinder through the opening?

Some models yes. Check the dimensions of both the opening of your ladder and the cylinder you are buying.

I have a mezzanine floor and need access.

A Sellwood ladder may be installed into a mezzanine in the same way it is installed into a ceiling. If you require the ladder to fit to the edge of the mezzanine some other structural work will be necessary. Talk to our Technical Representative.

Can these ladders be used to go down to the basement?

No. These ladders can only be operated from below. They are not designed to be closed from the top nor opened from the top. However, if someone is accidentally trapped in the attic it is possible to lower the top section from the top and call for help.

I want to access my attic through a wall, not through the ceiling.

We sell the Fantozzi WE30 wall entry ladder imported from Italy. Contact us for more details.

Can I lock my kids up there?