About Us

Over 40 years of quality products and happy customers.

Sellwood Mission Statement

Helping home owners maximise their storage space.
Helping workers safely onto roofs.

Early Years

Warwick Kendon founded Sellwood Products in 1976 installing spiral staircases and shower doors. When introduced to attic ladders in 1979, Warwick immediately saw the potential for providing homeowners safe, easy access to storage space in their roof, space they owned but could not otherwise access. Warwick exhibited at the Auckland Home Show in 1980 and the New Zealand public saw folding attic ladders for the first time.

Made in New Zealand

For the next 20 years Warwick imported attic ladders from around the world, generating awareness through Home Shows and referrals, while building a reputation for fantastic customer service. 

In 1998, the opportunity came to design and manufacture his own range of Sellwood Attic Ladders here in New Zealand. With an extensive knowledge of attic ladders from around the world, Warwick and his team set out to develop an attic ladder that was stronger and easier to use than its rivals. By April 1999, the first batch of NZ Made Sellwood Attic Ladders was ready for sale. Manufacturing in NZ continued for another 22 years, ending in Sept 2021.

Commercial Roof Access

While initially focused on residential customers, demand grew for commercial grade solutions. In the early 2000’s the heavy duty aluminium attic ladder range was launched to provide access to storage areas, plant rooms and roofs of commercial buildings. The Sellwood integrated roof access system became recognised as the safest, easiest way for contractors to gain access to a roof. Dissatisfied with the quality of roof hatches available on the NZ market, Warwick and the team designed a superior roof hatch. The Sellwood Roof Hatch and Roof Hatch Barrier are now popular options for discerning architects, designers and building owners, helping them meet their Health and Safety obligations.

Moving Forward

Today, Sellwood dominates the New Zealand attic ladder market by providing the biggest range of quality attic ladders available. The product range has grown to include the 'Foldaway' range of imported attic ladders, Sellwood Ceiling Hatches and LED Skylights. Though production has since moved off shore, 'Sellwood' attic ladders continue to be designed in NZ, driven by Sellwood's commitment to excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction. For over 40 years Sellwood have provided thousands of happy customers safe, easy access to their attic space and roofs. With Warwick’s son Russell now running the family business, Sellwood will be here for many years to come.

Sellwood's Team Values

We work with Integrity
– We are honest with ourselves, our team mates and our customers. We do the right thing, even when it hurts. We do what we say we’ll do. We own our mistakes, provide solutions and keep learning.

We work Together – We respect our team mates. We stick together and look after each other. We go home safe and healthy every day. Our different skills and personalities make our company stronger.

We work with our Customers – Our customers are our best salespeople. We listen to their needs and see solutions from their perspective. We create memorable experiences by prioritising care and common sense.

We work with Excellence – We believe in continual and never-ending improvement. Innovation of our products and company keep us as expert leaders in our field. We show initiative and take risks while searching for more effective and efficient ways to work. Better never stops.

Sellwood values strong business partnerships and relationships.


Forest Stewardship Council

The Forest Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organization established to promote responsible management of the world’s forests. The timber for Sellwood timber attic ladders is certified for FSC Chain of Custody by the Rainforest Alliance, an accredited FSC Certification Body.


The Facilities Management Association of New Zealand (FMANZ) represents New Zealand's community of Facilities Management professionals. As a member, Sellwood uses networking opportunities to create awareness of the health and safety requirements for commercial roof access.

The Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Sellwood have been members of The Auckland Chamber of Commerce since 1989. We have made use of the various economies available with this association and have used their excellent training programmes for staff training.

Employers and Manufacturers Association

The EMA provides its members with employment relations advice, education and advocacy. Sellwood uses these services to keep up to date with employment responsibilities and changes in legislation.


Masterspec is New Zealand's leading provider of Digital Construction Information and tools for the design and construction industry.


Sellwood Attic ladders are available online and through all major timber merchants throughout New Zealand. They are also available from most independent builders' supply stores.