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Bcompact Staircase

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A beautiful, solid, space creating piece of furniture that's a staircase when you need it, and art when you don't. The one true original foldable staircase.

The Bcompact folding staircase is hard to define. Part furniture, part art, part engineering masterclass. Our patented, award winning design allows you to install a durable, sturdy and beautiful staircase in spaces that often wouldn’t allow for one. It pushes the boundaries and creates new possibilities for what you can do in your home or office, all whilst being enjoyable to use, convenient to have and gorgeous to look at.

  • Easy To Use - Spring assisted sideways folding action maximises your living space whilst giving you easy access to other areas of your home.
  • Built Tough - Custom milling and compacting the bamboo material maximises the tensile strength to create a durable, sturdy product.
  • Easy To Install - Easy to follow video installation guide makes installing the folding Staircase and ladders easy.
  • Made In Australia - Made on site in Tuggerah, Australia with care and attention to detail.

How does it work?

Every Bcompact Staircase is custom built to your exact specifications. To get a quote and to place an order, click the "Get a Quote" button below. This will redirect you to the manufacturer's website where you can complete the quote form, confirm the price and place an order directly with them.

Important - when asked in the quote form "Were you referred to Bcompact by a person or company?" please select "Sellwood NZ".

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  • Height Range 1200mm – 3400mmm
  • Angle Range 50° – 60°
  • Tread depth 168mm