Energie Solar Hot Water

Energie Thermodynamic Solar Hot Water

Solar that works at night!

The next generation of solar hot water heating is here. Energie Solar Hot Water systems use thermodynamic energy to create hot water all day every day, providing savings of up to 85% on your hot water power bill. By combining the benefits of traditional solar hot water systems and heat pump hot water systems, Energie Thermodynamic Solar Hot Water systems can outperform any other product on the market.

  • An extremely cold refrigerant liquid passes through the lightweight solar panel gathering free heat from the air surrounding the panel and from the action of the sun, rain and wind. 
  • This causes the liquid to boil and become a hot gas.
  • The hot gas is compressed, dramatically increasing its temperature. 
  • The heat is then transferred to the water by way of a high performance heat exchanger, causing the gas to condense back into a fluid which returns to the aluminium solar panel and the process repeats.

Key Features and Benefits:

Compared to traditional solar hot water, Energie Thermodynamic Solar Hot Water:

  • Supplies all your hot water.
  • Works all day, every day, in all weather conditions. As long as the air temperature is greater than -10°, it is making hot water.
  • Does not boil, does not freeze.
  • Does not require heavy water on the roof, only an 8kg aluminium panel.
  • Does not normally require building consent.

Compared to heat pump hot water, Energie Thermodynamic Solar Hot Water:

  • Uses less electricity as there are no fans or additional motors.
  • Benefits from solar gain thanks to the solar panel being exposed to the sun.
  • Is maintenance free with only one moving part (the compressor.)

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